Susan Dax is a woman whose life is filled with mystery. Born in England, with little memory of her past, Susan Dax roamed the glacial mountains of Siberia down to the Stanian countries and back again before her sixteenth birthday. She deals with every situation as if it is her first or last carrying on with a well-defined albeit atypical humour. If someone were to ask her about her early life she would respond, “That was then, now is now”.

She cannot remember the facts of her early life, except clinging to the arms of a woman whom she assumes was her mother as they journeying across half the European Union and half of Asia trying so desperately to hide from a faceless danger. In those days, she had a distinctive birthmark, a syndactyly on her left hand between her fourth and fifth phalanges, which her mother tried to conceal.

Susan Dax remembers the desperation and anxiety in her mother’s eyes but for her their travels were an adventure. Unfortunately, for her, her mother died almost penniless and nameless in some unknown fishing village south of Siberia and she became an orphan with no prospects.

The couple, whose doorstep she had landed on did not know what to do with her and disposed of her in the most efficient way they knew how, save from killing her. They took her for a ride, stopped on a deserted icy road and that is where her memories end.

Four or five years later, her memories start up again and she finds herself bloody, scarred and badly beaten in the hovel of a nameless crippled man in the middle of nowhere who seemed to be a little mad and unconventional.
She was now a teenager eleven maybe twelve years of age who somehow had the realization that apart from speaking many languages she was mourning a mother. Her accent was English, her skin was neither white nor black, which the strange man found unusual and original. For some reason he named her Dax.

The cripple’s name was Laminachi. He explained that he found her close to death in the snow on the corner of road under some bushes. He assumed she had been thrown or she had jumped out of a moving vehicle. Dax had no idea if it was true or not, but in the days that followed the man nursed her broken body to health.

Laminachi was a hermit of sorts who at one time, according to the faded photos in his small cabin home, was an attractive outgoing person with an easy-going vehement nature about him. He gave Susan Dax a home and taught her everything he knew. Laminachi could barely read and apart from what the army had taught him, he only had the skills that his granduncle had taught him, the art of hunting and combat. When he died a year later, she became, again, a displaced person.

Susan Dax trudged through Siberia, Russia down through the Stainian states and back up, getting into scraps, fighting tooth and nail every day for scraps and picking up skills necessary for her to survive in an intolerant, corrupt world. That is until Seymour Krakauer came into her life.

She was fifteen when Seymour Krakauer found her after his long search and through him, she not only hit the jackpot, she learned about herself, her heritage, including a substantial trust fund.
Though normally a loner, Seymour embraced her like his own and handed her a fortune from an unknown dead West African father that rivalled all the wealth of the royal families of Europe. He essentially became her all-around fairy godfather, managing her fortune and her objectionable activities. At first, Susan Dax clashes with Seymour but eventually she warms up to him and soon after, they become an integral part of each other’s lives. With a mind as sharp as her moral sense and fighting skills worthy of any back room brawler, Seymour Krakauer saw the potential in her and attuned her education to reflect her temptrous adventurous and feral lifestyle. He sent her to the best schools, chose unconventional instructors, and had her train with the best masters of martial arts so that she would be prepared for any situation.

Why not? She could afford it. After all, she is worth approximately forty billion pounds and owns a clandestine global estate of companies, industries, and subsidiaries, all in various fields of enterprises including communications, biotechnology and biomedical, aerospace, transport, real estate, group holdings, co-ops. Including those, she has never heard of. Sometime ago she learnt that she owned twenty-four percent of the controlling interest of the Bancroft family, which owns the Dow Jones & Co and major corporations across the world, which meant she owns at least twenty percent of trading that happens on any given day on the New York Stock exchange.

Both Susan Dax and Seymour Krakauer agreed earlier on in their relationship that her inheritance should be kept a secret from all and sundry, but if she were inventoried onto the fortune 500 list, she would be considered as the 2nd richest uncommitted male or female on the planet.

Apart from her bequest, there was a stately legacy. She discovered through Seymour and from Lord Avonmore Mcfadden, a great uncle on her mother’s side that she was the 9th Vicountess of Yelverton.

After graduating from college, she enrolled herself into the Royal Navy College. With her unusual skills and knowledge of languages, she was quickly conscripted into the first gulf war as a lieutenant with the 4th Army Brigade. She was engaged in combat and non-warfare operations all over the world that she reached the field commission of Lieutenant Commander in a matter of months. However, after a stint as a NATO liaison officer for the British Military based in Moscow, she retired from the Navy.

Despite Seymour’s urgings to govern her enormous empire and with her energies still yearning for a challenge, she enlisted in the Astronaut candidate-training program of the European Space Agency. After meeting the criteria and qualifying, she resigned because of the long waiting list between astronaut candidate selections.

Bored with her new life among the idle rich and the responsibilities of running her empire she continued to provide her lethal and calming support to those in need, with Seymour’s grudgingly but all so fiery assistance.

There is a great emphasis on their use of unarmed combat and unusual weapons. Susan Dax’s weapon of choice is a stiletto called “Peko” and as for firearms, she prefers the Chinese Makarov. Seymour does not have a preferred weapon of choice but is proficient in many strange weapons and unexpected fighting techniques.

Because of their unusual attachment most of her lovers are somewhat threatened by Seymour, even knowing the age differences between them. Susan Dax now in her late twenties and him in his fifties. Nevertheless, more than anything he remains a regular part of her life, no matter the occasion. By the same token, Seymour’s girlfriends are initially jealous of Susan. That is until they understand the dynamic between them.


Seymour Krakauer – Guardian
Bilquees “Sheba” Dax – Adopted Daughter
Nadia Dax – Adopted Daughter
Steve Duggan – On and off Lover of Susan Dax
Sir Conrad Steele – MI6 Director
Daniel Anderton – Friend and Director of Her Tech Companies
Ambrose Wellington – Personal Assistant to Sir Conrad Steele
Charles Beecham – Assistant Director of the NSA
Mrs. Marie Gillespie “Meme” – Nanny to Sheba and Nadia
Lynd Hammond – Friend
Doctor Martha Francini – Seymour’s Girlfriend
Lord Avonmore Mcfadden – Susan’s Granduncle and 7th Viscount of Yelverton
Donald Balstrode – Granduncle’s valet
Bejaïa – Housekeeper for Home in Nador, Morocco
Pierre Vaubois – Former French Algerian & Friend who is now a Baker.
Hannah Webster – Journalist & friend
Sally Cohen – Environmentalist, Chef, & friend
Sheikh Insidigo Bashir – Italian Somalian friend & crook.
Retired Com. Simon Garvin – Boyfriend during last semester in University
Robia Morrow – A Lesbian girlfriend
Prince Abdullah – Saudi Prince & Friend
Lady Bexley – Influential Royal & Friend
Albannachi Hall – Uncle Lord Avonmore McFadden’s Home
George Downey – Custodian of Elmhurst Lodge, Chelsea
Ryan Reynolds – Managing Partner in Uviesa Inn Motels
Muriel Reynolds – Daughter of Ryan Reynolds