It was a brutal slaying.

Bodies perforated with bullets and bizarre etchings carved into flesh-ridden corpses. Among the bullet-ridden bodies was a retired mafia Don, living on a generous retirement package from the mob. A possessor of valuable information and secrets on mafia deals and services rendered on behalf of others. Another of the lead filled bodies was a friend of Susan Dax and one of the FBI’s top agents.

Why such a crime? Who orchestrated it?

The only lead and witness is a terrified man-child, holed up safely from those seeking his whereabouts. A man who knew more than he was willing to proclaim or acknowledge but less than his chasers have the need or wanted to know. He held a secret so devastating it could upset the social order, as they knew it.

After him were a group of disruptive goons who would stop at nothing to lay their hands on their reward. A clique of mafia assassins, a sect comprised of fanatical clergymen, the authorities and of course, Susan Dax.

A desperate pursuit was on. To whoever, found and reached him first would claim a prize but it came with a scourge that dealt with a matter of life and death.

It was only a matter of who would get to him first.

Susan Dax was betting on herself.





First Published, London, April 20, 2018

“The Secret & The Code” has been published by Xlibris RRP: Softcover £13.99, E-book £5.89. ISBN: ***-*-****-****-8. Available on Amazon, Kindle and Kobo.

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