A    S U S A N   D A X   PREQUEL






A dead Jane Doe is discovered, no one seems to know how she got that way or where she came from. An answer reveals itself with a panicked phone call. Not to Susan Dax but to a friend. A friend who unknowingly is over her head and quite naïve.


Susan Dax, the beautiful billionairess with lethal fighting skills feels an obligation to protect her and do what is needed to find out what the hell her friend is up against. Enter her client, a mysterious programmer, his demented boss and a good natured drug lord. Susan Dax quickly discovers she is facing a perverted and sadistic enemy.


Susan Dax is enthralled, led on a goose trail, tortured by a drug-hopped tormentor as she shadows a trail of danger that eventually leads to her capture. Her ally against the pursuit of her crazed adversary is a former lover and her guardian, Seymour Krakuer. The trio struggle against seemingly dreadful odds that is fought out to a desperate climax.