Relationship Guides for Couples

First Published, London, August 9, 2017

A Relationship Guide For Couples

Life like love is not a constant variable. Love is like a shingle of sliver. Shiny, bright and unvarnished by night. In the daytime, it is likely to blind you from its shine. With the rate of divorces and separations happening these days, it is only reasonable that someone should put pen to paper to help avoid the pitfalls of marriage.






HARNESSING THE POWER OF POSITIVE LOVING: Positively daydreaming about a happy married life is not contradictory to fantasizing of having a theoretical future life of being more affluent, neater or slenderer. This book helps you focus on your individual problems and how to resolve them. It aids in understanding that, instead of daydreaming, on not being destitute or being overweight or tidier in the here and now it is a much more productive influence if you focus on your conjugal needs. Goal orientating on a particular martial setting in your life does not have to be a battle of wills. Just a resolve, a simple desire to aspire to put an end or set a beginning to a certain fact.



IF YOU WILL IT, IT WILL HAPPEN: Don’t give up. Don’t let problems fester. Don’t walk down the street with the weight of your married life on your shoulders. Do not under any circumstance marry a person that will ensure you walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders. If your dog is the problem in your love life, put the dog down. For some of us, a happy married life is just mathematics plus willpower. One plus one plus one does not necessarily make three. It the problem is her hair or his attitude, eliminate the problem. Restyle the hair or change his attitude, because if you want your marriage to work it will.




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THAT IMMINENT DAY: Lovers, psychiatrists, songwriters, etc. believe that the underlying causes of most marriages are the little factors that little by little become big issues. Most couples get nervous about that impending wedding day. They look forward or dread that impending day. To those couples I say … Relax! Here in this book are some tips and friendly guide to see you through those nervous times.


Before The “I Dos” & Other Compendiums is published by Xlibris RRP: Softcover £13.99, E-book £5.89. ISBN: 978-1-5434-8653-7. Available on Amazon, Kindle and Kobo.

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